I still remember that feeling I would get when my Dad would come home with jewelry or a trinket for me. The distance and length of his trip would quickly evaporate into excitement as I would stare at my new treasure. I can see that same joy in my daughter’s eyes as she gazes down at her wrist or twirls her necklace.

My Dad passed away when I was twelve and that same jewelry fosters a physical and emotional connection to him. And I am reminded of my childhood, my Dad’s love and that undeniable joy that you feel when someone bestows a gift upon you.

I created Reminded Designs to do just that; I wanted to help people stay connected to a person, a place, a moment or an experience that shaped the person that they’ve become.


Production Method:

I make each piece by hand, employing the techniques of beading, wire work, basic assembly, metal stamping, chain mail, and simple soldering. Each piece is one of a few, feminine and inspired by nature.

Minimalism with bold simplicity and on-trend charms creates the signature look of my work. I use 92.5 sterling silver, rhodium, 24k gold plating and/or natural semi-precious gemstones and I always do my best to source locally.